MAZI – Two friends doing what we both love, that is making music. Both of us has worked with music for many years, in different constellations and with different genres. 

MAZI is Niko Valsamidis och Olle Zimmerman. Niko has worked with Niclas Molinder and Joacim Persson from Red Fly music, where he produced and was a part of the songwriting process. Olle has a history of being the founder, guitar player and the main songwriter of the Swedish bands Life Line and Dreamhunter 

What does MAZI mean, you might ask? MAZI is a Greek word meaning ”together”, and that’s what it is all about; two friends making music together. We have previously released the song ”Crazy Over You” on all major music platforms. 

We are currently working on new songs, coming out in the near future. We never run out of ideas, and are planning to release our songs, for many years to come.

Please feel free to contact Mazi if you need any further information.

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