Mazi New Single

Mazi New Single! releases their second single! And we Love It!

Don't Hide Away

These days, many of us seem to be anxious about how we look and how we live our lives, in the eyes of others. The lyric in this song is about, not hiding who you are, but to be yourself. Not looking so much at others. You know…Nobody’s perfect, yet everyone’s perfect! In short…Be yourself!
The song was recorded with a analog mind set as prior, using various outboards eg. UAD1176, Audient, Avenger and other software plugins that would get the smooth warm analog sound that we wanted for this particular song. We learned a lot in the process of writing this song, which was a great experience! We Love It, and we hope you will too.

At This Time...

At this time the song is released on all major streaming platforms, Spotify, iTunes, Google Music (YouTube music)…And we’re planning to release a Music Video for It. We’re just figuring it out on how to compile all the material we have in the current situation, and see if we can manage to make a video, or if we hire someone who has the knowledge and not too expensive.
Anyone knows a, not to expensive and creative video editor, pls write  and let us know. 

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