Mazi Music Video

Mazi Music Video

Mazi Is about to record their new music video “Hide Away”, and we want you to be part of It, Be the star! All you need Is your smartphone, and all we need is you!

About the song.

These days, many of us seem to be anxious about how we look and how we live our lives, in the eyes of others. The lyric in this song is about, not hiding who you are, but to be yourself. Not looking so much at others. You know…Nobody’s perfect, yet everyone’s perfect! In short…Be yourself!

How It works.

Find a place with good lightning, and use the front camera for best quality. Do it yourself or ask your friend to help you record. Record approximately 30 sec. Full body or face. No Filter. 

You can download an mp3 of the background music, found at the bottom of this page. 30 sec, with count In.
Do almost anything what you feel like, Be true and don’t be mean!

  • Do A Happy Face
  • Sad
  • Dancing
  • Angry
  • Crazy
  • Face Painting
  • With your Best Friend
  • Send Your Love
  • Peek A Boo
  • Flirting
  • Funny Face
  • In the Office
  • In School

Once you're done with your video, Send it to us using WeTransfer

WeTransfer is the simplest way to send your video file.
Add your file. Type your full name in message box. Make sure, Send an email is selected. Email to Type in your email and tap Transfer.

Send us your video file by April 10, 2021

Due to technical problems, we have decided to extend the deadline for submissions for this event.

Hide Away Loop

Here you can download the music to use in your video. With a count in voice, For rhythmic guide only.

*** Copying, duplication, lending or re-selling of this Track/Beat, its contents in whole or in part whether processed or as per the original are strictly prohibited under this agreement. Sharing and uploading to social platforms eg. Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, to share your work on Echo Music Tracks/Beats, or other is strictly prohibited.

Using this material to create other samples is also strictly prohibited.


Send download link to:

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Have Fun! And Stay Safe!

*  By sending the file, you agree to letting us use your video clip in the music video “Hide Away”, and for promotional purposes. And you have to be * * 13+ years to participate. We can’t wait to see what you come up with! And don’t forget…

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