Beat of my heart

We Found Our Singer!

Sing Your Heart Out!

Are you ready to show off your amazing singing skills?
Mazi is hosting an exciting singing audition on Instagram and TikTok, and it’s absolutely FREE to participate! 

To join the audition, all you have to do is use the reels remix/duet feature on Instagram/TikTok to sing along with the karaoke version of Mazi’s future song, “Beat of My Heart”.
The karaoke version is available on @echo_music_swe on both IG and Tiktok, so you can easily join the fun!

Don't Forget To Tag!

@echo_music_swe, and use the hashtag #maziauditions, when you post your singing video on Instagram and TikTok.This way, we can easily find your performances of the Mazi Audition! And announce the Winner!  

The Winner!

The winner of the Mazi audition will get the opportunity to record their vocals on the hit song “Beat of My Heart” and be featured and credited on the official release, available on all major streaming platforms.

The Mazi audition is open until April 30, 2023! That means you still have time to create your audition video and submit it for a chance to win the awesome prize. Just make sure to get your entry in before the deadline to be considered. We can’t wait to see your amazing entries!

Iphone Audition bg

Download Your Files!

To help you perfect your singing, we have also included additional files such as Vocal Guide etc, which you can find on HERE.

We Hope You Have a Blast Creating Your Audition!

Remember, the audition is free to enter and open to anyone who loves to sing! Whether you’re a professional singer or just starting out.


If you have any questions about the Mazi audition or need help with your submission, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! You can send us a private message (pm) on either IG or TikTok (@echo_music_swe) and we’ll be happy to assist you. 

We’re here to help make the audition process as easy and enjoyable as possible, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need anything. We look forward to hearing from you!